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Recomendations for the care of your jewelry



I am a jewel


All my jewelry is handmade with great care, therefore should be treated with the utmost care. With a few simple tips, you will keep your jewelry in the best condition for longer period of time.

Avoid, if possible, to jolt and possible scratches that might damage the appearance of your jewelry.

Abrasive products


Avoid contact with abrasive products and detergents; these may harm their qualities. Therefore, it is advisable to take your jewelry off if your are going to be in contact with chemical products.

Care and silver cleaning 


Silver is a soft metal, therefore is more prone to scratches and bumps on the surface of the jewel. The piece, over time, will acquire a natural patina, which will be more or less intense depending on the care, use and conservation of the jewel.

If you need to clean your silver jewelry, use a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface, or one of the cleaners for silver jewelry available in markets.



When not wearing your jewelry, keep it in its packaging to protect it.

Other cares


Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, moisture can accelerate the aging of it.

Avoid wearing your jewelry on when practicing sports or swimming. Avoid rubbing sand or water chlorine and other factors that may damage the jewel.

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