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The world of jewelry has always been with me. When I was little I played and created pieces with the resources I had around me, which were everyday items. ​ As I grew older, my interest also grew and I began training in 2008 at the Adrizar school, where in addition to my first contact with jewelry, I learned techniques such as working with glass, polymers or wood, among others. ​ In 2011 I had the opportunity to enter the School of Art 3 in Madrid, and I trained as a goldsmith studying Goldsmithing and Silversmithing Artistic Design. Once these studies have been completed, my concern continues to search for new ways of expression and I studied microsetting. Later, I joined the Guild of Jewelers, Silversmithers and Watchmakers of Madrid, where I studied jewelry, working on classic techniques such as wax carving, traditional setting or casting. ​ But I don't just want to know the traditional techniques; and seeing how the world advances in new technologies, I partner with him by learning 3D design and modeling with Chesco Díaz. ​ Sometimes, life presents you with paths that you don't expect, that's how I met Ana Chantre and entered  in her high jewelry specialization school. ​ During all this time I combine my training with various jobs in the sector, where all my learning was consolidated working for designers and in fine jewelry and goldsmith workshops. ​ I am currently a teacher and have my own workshop, where I can develop all my creativity by mixing techniques and materials according to the needs of each piece and the requirements of each client.
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