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Broche 'MI MUNDO'​​

Broche unisex que trasmite serenidad y naturaleza en estado puro.

Realizado en plata de ley con figura y musgos 


This plant-inspired cameo combines typologies: on the one hand it is a brooch and at the same time a pendant.

Made of sterling silver with a matte and shiny finish, it is the perfect accessory to carry a loved one with you.

BUQUÉ pendant perfumer

Organic and geometric elements come together in this portable perfumer to carry the desired essence in a discreet and elegant manner.

Made in sterling silver with matte and  aged finishing.


Nature emerges in the most unexpected places, and BLOOMING reminds us of this in this large-volume ring.

Made of 24-kt gold-plated brass and colored resin.

CORAL pendant

The essence of the sea made into a jewel. The Coral pendant brings us the freshness of the sea and manages to represent all the delicacy of coral in metal.

Created in copper with patina and hand-woven metal thread.

DRIP ring

Organic and fluid jewel that defies gravity.

Made of 24-kt gold-plated metal.

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