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Sun Collection

Made of 24 kt gold-plated metal


Brazalete Sol -
Sol bangle

Ø motif: 4 cm

Ref. S-1

Price: 110€

Sun earrings -
Sol double earrings

Two earrings in one. 

Length.: 4 cm

Ref. S-2

Price: 65€

Sun Ring -
Sol Ring

Ø motif: 2 cm. Tailor made

Ref. S-3

Price: 55€


Sun long pendant -
Sol small pendant

Chain length: 40 cm. Ø: 3 cm

Ref. S-4

Price: 45€

Sol big pendant

Chain length: 60 cm. Ø: 4 cm

Ref. S-5

Price: 55€

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